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Petition to protest at the siting of an Asylum Hostel

By Mandy Coons | Category: Centre News

Published on Saturday 4th October 2014 at 05:43

As you may be aware, from an article in the Derby Telegraph on Friday 3rd October, the building formerly known as the Step-In Childrens Centre, has been sold at auction and could become an Asylum Hostel. The New Zealand Community Association has set up a petition for those who wish to sign it, opposing this scheme.

The site is close to the community centre, a nursery, and a school, and we do not feel this is the right place for this facility. If you would like copies of the petition please call in at the community centre, or either of our charity shops to pick up copies and get as many signatures as you can as quickly as you can, so that we can present this to the council before any decision is made.

Call the centre on 290458 if you require copies of the petition.


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