The New Zealand Community Association

About Us

Some information about the formation and mission goals of the NZCA

Our History

The New Zealand Community Association was formed in January 2004 as the Morley Action Group. The main aim of the Association was to develop community facilities for the residents of the area. The Association carried out questionnaires within the area and the results showed that the local residents would support a Community Centre. After four years of campaigning the Association was successful in acquiring the lease of a building within the area from Derby City Council.

The management committee of the New Zealand Community Association runs the Community Centre. This includes, the day to day running of the centre, obtaining grants for work to be done to upgrade the facilities available, and obtaining training to enhance the skills of members of the Management Committee.

The Association took over the lease for the building (now known as the Lonny Wilsoncroft Community Centre) in Febuary 2008. Since that time, many activities have taken place in the Centre and the Committee truly believes that the Lonny Wilsoncroft Community Centre is a place where people of all ages can find something that will enrich their lives.

Our Mission Statment

  • To represent the interest of the residents of the New Zealand area of Derby.
  • To promote community activity in the New Zealand area.
  • To develop community facilities for the residents of the area.
  • To promote the use of the name New Zealand when describing this area of Derby.

The New Zealand Community Association recognizes that all people should be treated equally. All activities carried out by the Association will be performed with this aim in mind.

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